A true and honourable account of the longer-than-tweetable thinkings of Nick Harkaway.

“Right Trusty and Well-beloved Counsellor We greet you well!
OUR WILL AND PLEASURE is that you make or cause to be made forthwith One Writ of Summons under Our Great Seal to be directed to Our Right Trusty and Well-beloved Robert Michael James Gascoyne-Cecil (commonly called Viscount Cranborne) eldest son and heir apparent of Our Right Trusty and Entirely-beloved Cousin Robert Edward Peter, Marquess of Salisbury, to be personally present with Us and the Prelates, Nobles and Peers of Our Realm at Our Parliament at Westminster and to sit in his father’s Barony of Cecil, of Essendon in the County of Rutland.”

– I love how we do law here.

Mrs H

  • Me: This station is now the ultimate power in the universe.
  • Mrs H: Yes, love, I know.
  • Me: Do you think if I used it to destroy Alderaan, maybe all these people I am paying to make this deal happen will get the message and make the deal happen?
  • Mrs H: Tempting.
  • Me: Right?!
  • Mrs H: But I'm thinking probably not.
  • Me: I know.
  • Mrs H: You should have some breakfast and do some writing.
  • Me: Yes.
  • Mrs H: And I should get to work.
  • Me: Yes.
  • Mrs H: Are you okay?
  • Me: Just stressed. You know.
  • Mrs H: Yeah.
  • Me: Yeah.
  • Mrs H: But, really, it'll be fine.
  • Me: You think so?
  • Mrs H: Oh, yes. Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.
  • Me: ...
  • Mrs H: ...
  • Me: Ohmigodiloveyousomuch.
  • Mrs H: Right?!
  • Me: Hell, yeah.

It has been observed – chiefly by my wife – that the Booker List was notable this year for not having me on it.

I write books in which otherwise-sensible people do things like save the world from ontological armageddon, or put on surplus combat gear in the name of fatherhood and try to make a difference to a tiny community under the shitheel of the geopolitical boot, so I have to acknowledge (when I am not moodily stalking the dim and dusty corridors of Harkaway Towers dressed in my underwear and the top half of a Godzilla suit, stamping on origami models of the judges made from pages of Anna Karenina) that I may not be dead in the centre of the Booker’s institutional target area.

However, dear reader: here is your opportunity to redress this wrong…


And what better way to celebrate, if you’ve already read the book or if you’re reading and loving it now, than to vote for Tigerman at Not The Booker 2014!

More here.

“All science asks is to employ the same levels of skepticism we use in buying a used car or in judging the quality of analgesics or beer from their television commercials.”

Carl Sagan (via whats-out-there)

Wait, so science is both godless AND communist?! Damn you, science!!!

“The attempt to compel fairness with structure will ultimately result in a system corrupted from within. If the goal is a fairer society, there’s only one legitimate use for the nudge: to get people to consider the question before them in the light of what it will mean for them and for those they care about, and for the society they will inhabit – in other words, to give due thought and to place each important or less important decision in the context of fairness and even compassion, and to ask people to choose, daily and deliberately, a better culture.”

Short para I was asked to contribute to the Society for Curious Thought.