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This is a quick link list for Angelmaker’s press & reviews. It’s not comprehensive, and it’s basically a tool for me and for anyone in the trade who needs it. For anyone else, sorry, it’s a dull bit of self-pimpage, but it’s starting to drive me insane not having a live list somewhere.

The Daily Telegraph

The Independent on Sunday

The Independent

The Observer

The Guardian

The Scotsman (interview)

Metro (interview)

We Love This Book (interview)

The Week


Publishers Weekly



Seattle Times

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I’m not sure how you would categorise this book – noir detective thriller meets black comedy perhaps – but the intrigue provides a need to read on and the characters are wonderfully rendered providing a richness that elevates Angelmaker from a good read to a great read.

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“Angelmaker” is much more than a spy novel. It is a tale of struggle and loyalty; a story of family and righteousness; and a narrative of how a legacy of former years can visit havoc on the present day world.

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The weapon of Angelmaker is named the Apprehension Engine and serves one purpose: to make people understand the truth. Tangled up in a plot to unleash this terror are gangster’s son Joe Spork, a clockwork expert trying to avoid becoming his departed father, and Edie Bannister, a very old former spy who’s still got come tricks up her sleeve and knows more than she’s letting on. Throw in mad monks whose ethos springs from the Arts and Crafts Movement – hence, Ruskinites – an evil genius and a bit with a dog, and you get perhaps the most entertaining read of the year.

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"…This new Holmes is a powerfully familiar one with a less stilted way of being in the world. The old Holmes mentioned that he practised Asian methods of hand-to-hand combat, but never really showed them off, because gentlemen don’t make a spectacle of themselves. This one fights in the ring, half-pissed and sociopathically, coldly effective…"